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How can I help you?

                     I can:
  •                     Listen and then determine if (a) self pay,  (b) VA Pension (a/k/a Aid & Attendance), or  (c) Medicaid, is the best approach.
  •                     Explain the process & assist in gathering information, documents & evidence for each of these options;
  •                     Assure that necessary legal documents and financial strategies - where needed - are provided and implemented.*
  •                     Complete and file necessary paperwork to apply for benefits (there is no charge for filing for VA benefits);
  •                     Be available for all follow-up to help w the qualification process.

* *The Florida Bar Association convinced their bretheren on the FL Supreme Court that developing the financial strategies of the Medicaid Qualification process is also "the practice of law" ,

despite the federal rule that clearly allows "anyone"  to assist in the Medicaid  qualification process for you. Thus, for all aspects of this part of my services, I will assist you

under the direct supervision and control of licensed, qualified Florida Attorneys. Unfortunately, this extra layer of service may result in additional cost.

VA "Pension"

Usually ​Called "Aid and Attendance" 

    In '52 Congress passed a law to help Vets over 65 who served  during wartime, and their spouses, if they needed financial help with their medical bills. 

    There are Three Ratings  depending on your state of health & needs.

     Basic (typically high medical bills, low income.

     Housebound (unable to leave home without assistance)

     Aid & Attendance  (need someone to help all the time)

Gov't Benefits helping Seniors pay for Long Term Care


A Federal/State Partnership 

    Medicaid is for those over 65 who can't perform the six Activities of Daily Living or have serious cognitive challenges.

     It's a federal program, with each state "fine-tuning" these rules. This creates confusion because Florida rules do not apply in other states. 

 There are basic income and asset rules, and many less known rules that can help an individual qualify through legal &financial strategies.

Tom Willoughby, JD   The Retirement Rescuer

Guiding Families through the maze of VA & Medicaid benefits

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