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  • Decades of Experience
  • Commitment to Caring
  • Mission to Help Seniors

     Over 40 years of legal practice  (now retired) and 30 years in the investment & securities industry, as Legal Counsel & National Marketing Director.  In addition I have over 15 years helping families qualify for Medicaid and VA Long Term Care Benefits

    My mission is to help Pre-Retirees and Retirees to make sure they do not outlive their Nest Egg, and especially to survive the heartbreak, stress and financial devastation of having to pay for Long Term Care.

    On a personal note, I am married, with one child and three of the brightest, best looking grandchildren you'll ever meet. I am a board member of Charity Cars, Inc., a national non-profit car donation charity, Secretary of Community Education and Resource Affiliation (CERA, a non-profit corporation of Elder Care Professionals) I am an avid reader, writer, photographer, tennis (and now Pickleball) player and bicyclist.

Why "Nest Egg Solutions"?


      Two events caused me to change my focus of financial products from risky investments/securities to annuities and life insurance only. The events were:

1. The market crashes in 2000 and 2008. Even those who were invested in "safe" sectors (read: "older people with lower risk/lower reward equities") lost a quarter to a third of their life savings. Each time!   If you are near your 60's or older, that's devastating!

​2. My practice of VA & Medicaid Crisis Planning. I help families navigate the requirements to qualify for these long term care benefits, and still keep much of their Nest Eggs. But Crisis Planning will have to change soon, because it is bleeding the states and federal budget dry.  Baby Boomers are going to have to plan ahead!

​      Therefore, through "Nest Egg Solutions - Legacy Planning for the Long Term", I encourage families to pre-plan, finding ways to protect their Nest Eggs through safe money financial strategies and products.  If it is too late for that, then my knowledge of government benefits is still there to help.

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