Tom Willoughby, JD   The Retirement Rescuer

Annuities vs CD's & Mutual Funds.

How to pay the crushing expense of Long Term Care

How to Avoid the

Annuity/LTC Tax Trap

There's No Free Lunch - No Matter What Product Chosen.

My mission is to help you plan for

(1) Nest Egg preservation,

  (2) A lifetime income, and 

  (3) Plan for long term care

All while using only your own savings, without

any out-of-pocket, budget-busting expenses.
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The Greatest Risk & the #1 Concern for Seniors is the Threat of Outliving Retirement Nest Eggs.


  • The Fastest Way to Deplete Your Nest Egg is Having to Spend it for Long Term Care.


  • Industry Statistics say that Seventy Percent (70%) of Those Over 65 Will Need Long Term Care at Some Point.

Why Nest Egg Solutions?

Let's look over your existing policy, BEFORE you even think about cancelling them.